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Several points/concerns?


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I'm a little behind, I just watched the game recorded at my brothers today....

1. Has anyone heard about Norwood yet? Two head injuries in like 3/4 weeks can't be good.

2. Is anyone concerned about the penalties? Seems like it wasn't huge, but could be if they're pushing us to a bunch of 3rd downs and/or it's a close game.

3. Man, I am so glad we signed Mike P. He's Defensive MVP so far IMO. Booker's doing awesome for us stepping in too.

4. Funny that my brother was watching the game with me and on the last play where Grimes jumps like 3 ft in the air, he comment how insane that was and I think that's a prime example of his talent level/potential.

5. Houston had a pretty good game, but he also had me a little concerned several plays. Anyone else?

6. I'm on the fence with JA98, but I think the first time the announcers mentioned his name was like 7:44 or something in the 3rd quarter?

7. I'm glad we keep Finn. I know he's fought several times for his spot, but he is an awesome all around solid guy for us.

8. It's gonna be a tough year, but if we keep getting better we have enough talent and depth (man that sounds weird saying) that if someone does get hurt others can step in (kudos to Snelling too).

9. Sucks about Jerry.

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The hail mary when Grimes leaped 2 feet higher than everyone else made me wish he had better timing when covering.

Yeah, now if only he'd learn to slap the freakin' ball down. He d@mn near costed us the game with his swat up in the air. Or simply get out of Finn's way since he's proven over the years that he knows how to play a hail mary.

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