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Smitty leading NFC South in challenge success

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Didn't see this anywhere, so here we go.


Smith leading NFC South in challenge success

September 22, 2009 9:04 AM

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

When it comes to throwing the red flag, Atlanta’s Mike Smith appears to have the NFC South’s best arm.

According to our friends at ESPN Stats & Information, Smith has the best success rate in challenges through the first two games, including booth reviews. Smith has had four plays challenged and had three of them overturned.

Tampa Bay’s Raheem Morris is at 50 percent on challenges. He’s had two out of four overturned. Carolina’s John Fox has had two of six challenges overturned for a 33.33 rate and New Orleans’ Sean Payton is two out of seven (28.57 percent) on challenges.

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wow... I was thinking our 4 was high, but Tampa with another 4 and carolina and NO with 6 and 7 respectivly, thats nuts. Granted Carolina and NO have low overturn rates so most of the calls on the field were correct. I guess thats a good thing. Still though, adding up all the over turned calls between our 4 teams, thats 9 calls the officials got wrong initially (not counting the TD i think should have been overturned against CAR). thats pretty bad.

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