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Best in the NFC?


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SWEET ive been waiting for the rankings glad to see some respect

3 Falcons 2-0-0 5 3/10 NO WORRIES: The formula is working according to plan, with Matt Ryan-to-Tony Gonzalez already catching fire and a young defense coming together on the fly. TIME TO WORRY: The only gimme on Atlanta's schedule is Tampa Bay, whom the Falcons play in Weeks 12 and 17.

4 Saints 2-0-0 11 4/16 NO WORRIES: Are you freaking kidding us, Drew Brees? After nine TD passes and 93 points in two games, Brees looks like he's playing Tecmo Bowl. TIME TO WORRY: They've still only beaten the Lions, then Philly without Donovan McNabb.Team:

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Yeah, I had to do a quick edit like 2 seconds after I posted because for some reason I forgot about the Giants being in the NFC lol.. still, being in the top 5 looks so awesome...

Haha ya, being in the top 5 is amazing. I couln't be happier with this team right now. Above all, I am really pumped up about this defense. I LOVED the pickup if Mike Peterson. He brings leadership and swagger to this defense. Its going to be a great year!

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