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Jaguars sign Middleton


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Oh shoot, I missed that. I don't read the Jag's feed.

Maybe everyone else knows something we don't? I would bet/hope he gets cut soon.

He could get cut again by Jax, but Jax is required to pay him full pay for a minimum of 3 weeks regardless if they cut him or not. They also have to list him as a part of the 53 man roster for the next 3 weeks (a bye week is considered one of those weeks if Jax has a bye within the next 3 weeks) as well, even if they cut him tomorrow, so makes no sense for him to be cut within the next 3 weeks.

It's good for Middleton though. Instead of making about 17k for the next 3 weeks here, he'll make roughly 40k in Jax the next 3 weeks.

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cant he refuse to go?

if so it shows his 'i am glad to back on the team i want to play for' speech was a load.

he must be a decent prospect.

we could always go get Wilrey Fontenot back.

Why would you pass up the opportunity to play on a 53 instead of being on the PS, which probably means more money.

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