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roddy white


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Roddy White: Caught 11 of 19 passes for 95 yards and 57.9% completion rate

TD: 1

Int: 0

1st Downs: 3 (This is 14.3% of total first downs by pass)

Mssed Deep Passes: 2

Missed Short Passes: 6

Total Missed: 8

Target 30.2% of total attempts, Completed 25.6% of total completions for 21.2% of total pass yards.

He is still Ryan's number one target - but his catch percentage is not as good as Gonzo's.

Tony Gonzalez: Caught 12 of 16 passes for 144 yards and 75% completion rate

TD: 2

Int: 0

1st Downs: 6 (this is 28.6% of total first downs by pass)

Missed Deep Passes: 1

Missed Short Passes: 3

Total Missed: 4

Target 25.4% of total attempts, Completed 27.9% of total completions for 32.1% of total pass yards.

I made a thread about this showing the receivers stats - if you are interested: Receiver Stats

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looks like gonzo is taking away a lot of his touches to be honest rather then opening up the field for him.

granted his TD catch was man coverage 1vs1

Actually I think it's more like defenses know he can go deep.... he's a Pro-Bowl WR after all... so they're defending him and not letting him get deep.

Also deep routes take longer to develop and teams WILL try to pressure Ryan... so Gonzo is an instant mismatch and a quicker pass so to speak.

Roddy's time will come. The way Gonzo is producing sooner or later teams are going to try and take him away. When THAT happens watch out.... Roddy should be one on one.

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I'm not worried about him. Ryan/White get on the same page and/or those throws were on target in the Dolphins game and White would be amongst the NFL leaders in yards and TDs. The last two teams we have faced have been really blitz heavy, so naturally Gonzalez will get more looks. I think White has the potential to get some good looks against the Patriots.

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Roddy dropped a couple in the first game but other than that he still looks beastly to me. I think the numbers are right where you want them. The more everyone is involved the more the denfense has to worry about. I personally want to see Jenkins get the ball some more but hey there are only so many to go around!

i dont remember him dropping any, but i do remember matty ice missing him on a couple

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Let's just hope he plays !!! He 's injured every other play.

Waaay too fragile.

Roddy's only had one minor injury in his entire career and has never missed a single game. wtf are u talking about?

and Roddy usuallly starts with two ok games and explodes in his 3rd with a 100 yard game. in 07 it was against Carolina when he took a slant 60 yards and last year is when he hit the 70 yard bomb against KC

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