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we are 2-0......lets get a back to back winning season's


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Alright i don't know if you are as happy as i am but we only need 7 more wins to get our first back to back winning seasons. there are 14 games left in the season so we would have to go .500 to get it. B) keep in mind we are the only 2-0 team to beat 2 playoff teams from last year

lets see who we have left to play

week 3 patriots 1-1

4 bye

5 san fran 2-0

6 bears 1-1 just beat the steelers <_<

7 dallas 1-1... they didn't look to good 4 turnovers

8 saints 2-0 should be a gun slinger

9 redskins 1-1 i think we can win

10 panthers 0-2 we can beat them again

11 giants 2-0 i dind't think they looked very good last night

12 bucs 0-2 i think we can beat them twice

13 eagles 1-1 idk its up in the air

14 saints 2-0 we will probably go 1-1 against them

15 jets 2-0 their d looks great

16- bills 1-1 i think we can beat them

17- bucs 0-2 what i said before

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