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Saints ofense and defense


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I am tired of everywhere I read some idiot faint fan talking crap.

We put 40 on philly or we destroyed the Lions wk1,a team that is now 0-18 in the reg season.

the saints are all big play,


Brees stats

Att Pct comp Yds Avg TD Int

1 DET 26 34 76.5 358 10.5 6 1

2 @ PHI 25 34 73.5 311 9.1 3 1 2

His favorite target is Colston and Brees Fumbled the ball twice.

I know we dont have the best corners but Miami and the Panthers have 100 times better running game then NO.

The defense that is the nfl best the fans claim allowed a back up to out do super brees which says the defense is not all that.


31/51 for 351 with 2 td and yes 3 picks,which gave NO short fields.

You take away the 3 picks and NO just beats Philly and I do mean JUST!

**** with the 3 picks the time of possession was only 30min and 26sec.

If McNabb was not hurt philly would have won @ home and NO brought down to earth again.

I know we play NE next week and that is the teams focus but I just can't take any more of the Aints crap wish it was the MN game today so we could shut them up and hard.

I will be standing and cheering when Carolina and TB beat up the Aints,tell us that the Falcons have not played anyone good this season.

Well I know the NFL has parody unlike any other sport but is beating two division winners back to back not a test of a teams metal?

Brees o line from college,explains his hair.


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Brees has the big play threat but the run game is not "what anyone thought they where"

If the big play is all they show in future weeks they will get exposed to what I have seen in the Philly game.

If they can run the ball and spread it around to move the chains other then a bomb for 6,its nice for the highlight real but IMO wont win a SB.

The Defense was exposed in wk2 by Philly.

Look for a trend.

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