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Romo already in late season form

The Gritz Blitz

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It is what it is. Romo had a bad game, but all in all he helped lead the team down the field to take the lead with 2 minutes left.

And he didn't play defense after that. As much as I didn't like his play tonight, the secondary may e the worst in the league. The line played pretty good against the run at least, but I'm surprised Eli didn't have 400 yards. Whenever it got to 3rd down, I just walked away from the TV because I knew the giants were going to get the first down :P

And as for the stadium, I am just tired of them discussing it and the scoreboard...period. No one hit it, no one came close let's move along.

Yea, I wanted the win, but I didn't figure on going undefeated.

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