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Are we too conservative?


Would you rather us run the score up?  

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  1. 1. Do we need to really kick our opponents when their down?

    • YES
    • NO

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Yes, I believe so. I hate playing so defensively when we are up. We could have easily had the game tied up on us if the Panthers had caught the hail mary. If we had kept attacking with our offense (i.e., let Ryan keep throwing passes) we could have won by an easy 2 or 3 touchdowns. I hope we don't continue doing that throughout the season..it could come back to bite us.

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The last 3 great juggernaut offenses I can think of didn't win a Super Bowl




The Saints will have the best offense in the NFL this year but won't come close to the Super Bowl

Those teams you mentioned didn't win the Superbowl....that year they had the top offenses...but when they did win the Superbowl they had pretty dang powerful offenses! Don't start dissin on my Saints until they have a game they don't put up 40+!!!

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As long as we win, who cares?

If Mularkey keeps putting Matt in positions where he has to convert 3 and 4 third downs on a drive to keep it alive the way he did yesterday, the Falcons will lose some games becuase of it. Mularkey totally took away Matt's margin for error, but fortunately , Ryan didn't need it yesterday.

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