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Anybody else get beat by Chris Johnson this week?

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I got owned by Idash from this board in the yahoo league ... he had Chris Johnson, drew brees, and Marques Colston ...Those 3 players got him around 100 points alone, he ended up having 146 while i only had 87..

This after losing week one to a guy who beat me even though i had 125 points. Its all good though i will make some changes and hopefully make the playoffs.

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I have Chris Johnson and lost by 15. The other guy had Gore...woulda won if I had played anyone else in the league, if hasselbeck didn't get hurt, jennings didn't decide to disappear for a game, or if I started Sproles or DeSean Jackson over Larry Johnson or Jennings, respectively. The only thing I regret is not going with Sproles....lesson learned I guess...

But I dominated in my dynasty league. 115 points, which is ridiculous in that league. People hardly ever break 90 with the scoring system we use.

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one of the teams in my leagues won because he had chris johnson

TWO of his WRs were out because of injuries and he started them and still beat his opponent

the other guy had frank gore he lost all because the he had Romo as his qb :lol: :lol:

One of my other buddies benched Schaub and that ended being the difference in him losing :lol: :lol:

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