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Georgia Tech’s plunge screams something about perception.


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i think its more of a perception about the triple option. before pj coached a single game at gt, the media was claiming that the triple option couldnt work in the acc, that it was a gimmick offense. now, whenever ga tech loses a game, the other team supposedly has the blueprint for stopping the option. the media definitely piles on ga tech more than most other schools bc of their previous predictions about the triple option. when usc loses to washington, you dont see people saying that washington has the blueprint for usc, or that usc's offense wont work anymore.

even great offenses arent great every game, but they are most of the time. imo the media will never buy into the triple option working in a bcs conference and everytime ga tech loses haters will come out of the woodwork and say that theres no way it will be successful again.

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