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Ryan's first 3 TD game


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I'm a total idiot...I sat Andre Johnson in favor of Larry Fitz and I'm in a **** hole because of that <_<

I started Moss instead of Johnson... DANGIT! Plus I was playing against Chris Johnson today. I'm just unlucky in fantasy football.

But I'll take a real football win over a fantasy win any day. Go Falcons!

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Matt Ryan amazed me when he first got on the field for the Falcons, and he still hasn't stopped amazing me. He is so cool under pressure. Seems like when he's got guys about to get to him for the sack, he doesn't even notice them. Most QB's, heck, even Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, show some urgency in the pocket to get the ball off to the receiver when they notice that they may get hit or that the line is collapsing. Not Matt Ryan, the guy stands firm in the pocket, and he doesn't let it effect his throws. I love it, if he thinks he's going to get hit, he lets himself get hit. Maybe it's a little dangerous, but that's a good QB right there.

****, besides the one interception he threw when he tried to force the ball into a small hole, he had one **** of a day!

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