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Is Biermann out?


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Yeah, I saw him on the last drive....

But I don't get that Justin TV is illegal...

Some people in the corporate world need to pull their panties out of their arses

It's just a FOOTBALL GAME and I am 3000 miles away from Atlanta....

I had better options for watching games when I was in IRAQ!!!!


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Scooter many thanks for all of your sacrifice in defending this great country and amazing land of ideas, I feel your pain (Falcons tv wise) I've got judge joe brown on instead of football on Fox so i'm using internet and nfl fieldpass (yes i'm a sucker)

Thanks again, GO FALCONS!!!

Tighten up that run D!

Thank you... How much dinero is NFL field pass??? Do you need the dish??? I'm about to get the dish if it will get me the Falcons and Dolphins games... It just blows me away that I can't get them here, but in Iraq we would roll back into the base after a mission and go to the battalion headquarters and watch almost any game that was on...

Again... SIGH

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