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TATF's, The Ingame Forum Firefox Helpful Tool!

Electric Falcon

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I know this is TATF's.

What this FIREFOX add on does is it allows you to Refresh the page that you are on in seconds, it is helpful when chatting via in threads where you have to hit refresh a lot to read the latest posted message, such as an official in game thread.

When you are talking about the FALCONS in the "Official Game Thread" every week on game day, this is a helpful tool if you use Fire Fox.

The reason I am posting this is because I can't tell you how many times I have heard the question asked or have asked it myself : "Is there any way that I can refresh the page to where I don't have to keep clicking refresh in FireFox to read new messages?"

Here's the answer to that question. and the link to add to FIREFOX : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/115

You can set it up however you want to. This is TALKING ABOUT THE FALCONS because it's all about a helpful tool to TALK ABOUT THE FALCONS, especially where the official in game thread is concerned.

Yeah I know, there are gonna be comments saying : "I just go to the games", well, I do to, but sometimes I can't and I enjoy chatting with my fellow FALCONS friends online during the game and hitting the refresh button can be annoying.

This is all about TATF's. And I hope this helps someone tomorrow or in the future. Remember if you install this in FIREFOX that you have to RIGHT CLICK your mouse to make the selections on the page you are trying to refresh. Or Reload as it's labeled in the menu.

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Has anyone donated to you yet, and how long does it take to refresh?

I didn't create this add on. It's real useful when your chatting during the game with others in a thread if you use firefox.

You can set the refresh time from 5/10/15 seconds or custom set it to refresh however you want to. It's a lot better than hitting the refresh button over and over.

Hope this helps somebody.

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What kind of help can you offer those whose Firefox keeps losing track of their login status?

I'm no expert. I can tell you that the cookie that has all your login information for these forums in it is probably getting removed somehow, either with a disk cleanup program, or virus/spyware protection software, or even by firefox itself depending on how you have it setup. If you can figure out how the cookie is getting deleted and prevent that then that should solve your problem.

If you clear your history a lot with firefox - "Tools/Clear Recent History", that will delete the cookie unless you select "details" and uncheck cookies to prevent it from being deleted.

Also in firefox if you select "Tools/Options/Privacy" you can change the way firefox handles your history and cookies there also. Set it to delete custom or not at all, or when you exit firefox automatically.

Some cookies are considered a threat by virus/spyware protection software, if it's getting deleted that way you'll have to figure out which cookie it is and have it marked to not delete it.

Disk cleanup programs will delete cookies also depending on the program and the settings.

Like I said I ain't no expert, I hope this helps.

LOL, I know somebody is gonna say any minute "TATF's". Hey, we are talking about help with talking about the FALCONS. :D

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