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Is there a way to listen to falcons games live?


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I would suggest DaveFM, but it seems as if everytime I try to listen online I'm unsuccessful.

Is it just me? Or does DaveFM suck entirely. It frustrates me to listen to other commentators.

Take last week for instance, they were very pro-Miami. They actually wanted Long to manhandle Abe.

After the freight-train ran Long over they were singing another tune.

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Dr. Billings. Who is that in your avatar? Those legs are almost too much to handle.

Dude! I am obsessed with Serena Williams. That booty is incredible. One day I was watching TMZ, and

they had a feature on Venus walking through the airport, and her booty was awesome. Mind you, it wasn't

as big as Serena's but it was pleasant nonetheless. I was hooked ever since. Now Venus doesn't date black men, so

you may have a better chance than me. ;)

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I live in Mississippi and all I get is crappy saints and Titans games :-(.... I need to hear my birds and was wondering if it is possible?

Google: "thegamelive"

Go to the top link.

BTW, I used this in past years but have had Sirius radio for a few years now, so haven't really tried it in a while. Good luck.


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