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Did you know Fox News fought for its right to lie to you?


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I am sorry to hear you are bitter for their demise... -_-

nope not bitter. dont know anything about acorn or van jones. i didnt even know who they were. kinda surprised you are supporting people who went to court to fight for the right to lie to you and still call it news.

so much for fair and balanced.

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Did you know that CNN, MSNBC did't have to go to court to lie they have been doing for years. If anyone thinks they are getting unbiased news any where on TV they need to turn it off. There is no longer such a thing TV, Radio, Newspapers not of it. You have to learn to chose for your self.

But I'm not going to believe that anyone who claims to be educated in any collage in the U. S. has never heard of Acorn sorry just not happening.

Heck unless you have been living in a cave you have seen and heard of Acorn all the so called news channels, newspapers and radio stations have talked about them. :wacko:

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