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Fox Fantasy preview Falcons vs Panthers

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"The big bruiser will continue to get his touches, especially after grabbing five passes for 49 yards last week. He'll assuredly be given more than three carries this week as well. He's a bordelrine play, but not a terrible one if you play a lot of RBs."

Maybe they just looked at his mug shot and said, "Man, this guy is BLACK!" :lol:

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This guy is a moron ... his projections don't even add up ....

How will Finneran have 0 receptions for 1 receiving yard ....

or Jeff King have 0 receptions for 3 receiving yards ...

he has the Panthers scoring 17 points ...... but their kicker will kick 2 XP's and 2 FG ... that's 20 points ....

and those are just the errors I saw after a moments notice .... I'm sure it could be picked apart even more if I wanted to look in depth, but that would just be a waste of time

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