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Emmitt week 2 prognostifigrationism


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That right *******, I one and ho on the seasons. As my boy Stifler say, "I rock out with my **** out" after my very accuright prognotifigation. I left those ESPN ******* tasting my *** as I was the closest to all of them fool. I don't have much time for this week break down cause quite frankly, I under the weathers, so to speak. That right. Even Emmitt get sick sometime two. I just hope it ain't the Wine Flu I here about on CNMSNBFOX. That stuff deadly. I had a conversation with a great man who once searved our country about the week game on the radio a few day ago. I thought I would just post that transgender as it pretty much encapsulates everys thing I feel about this week game.

Major Payne: Sit up straight and look me in the eye Son. If we gonna do this, we gonna be doing this right.

Emmit: (sits up)

Major Payne: You eye balling me Boy!!!! The last time some body eyeballed me I cut off my esopagus - with my field knife - and shoved it up there ***.

Emmitt:(Emmit looks down)

Major Payne: Now Son, tell me how do you think the Atlanta Falcons are playing so far this year?

Emmitt: I sees it like this. They dominate on three sides of the ball. There offense, defence and special teams. The fins just couldn't play physical enough with the Falcons. The score was closer than the way it wents on the field.

Major Payne: I like that! I like a team of men coming together for a common goal and carring out their mission with extreme prejudice. What do you think about the panthers this week?

Emmitt: They the opposite. they led by jake delhomo. He one of the most effiminent players in the game. He make a lot of turnover and can't hang onto the ball. They got a good running game though, but they not physical at all.

Major Payne: Sounds like a suiside mission to me, going up against a team like the Falcons.

Emmitt: No trout

Major Payne: How does the Falcon Offence specifcally, match up against the panther defense?

Emmitt: They got Jules Pepper and he ok, but he can't go and by shelves. This a team game.

Major Payne: How about the Falcon Defense against the panty offense

Emmitt: It know match there either. They defense just to phyacalities for them. I expect jake to be out of this game by the end of the first half with some kind of spinobifida.

Major Payne: Tell me Son, any prodictions on this game?

Emmitt: It a bloodbath. Falcons 42 panthers 9

Falcon Offense:

Ryan: 33/42 403 yards passing, 4 tds, 0 ints only 5 cup of Gatoraid cause he out after first possesion in 3rd quarter. Falcon going preseason on that ***.

Turner: 23 carries 178 yard 2 tds 8 cup of Gatoraids

White: 8 catches, ,123 yrds, 3 tds, 13 cup of Gatoraid and takes Dehomo's wife and ruins her for any other man.

Jenkins: 5 catches, 211 yrds, 2 tds, 11 cup of Gatoraids

Gonzolez: 9 catches, 118 yrds, 1 td, No cup of Gatoraid, but 6 cup of water. Tony got a new fitness diet book out you know

Falcon Defense:

Team: They take Jake Dehomo's manhood hold it up for everyone to see

Also of notes: Harry Douglas will be at the Starship in Suwanne signing autographed posters for his latest release: Yental - the adult version.

(that's all I've got today guys, I'm truly sick as a dog. I'll do better next week)

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The Starship in Suwanee? Are we talking about the one at the intersection of Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd and I-85?


That be the one. I love going in that store watching every one trying not to be noticed. Then they pull a large 12 inch rubber cylinrical object off the shelf and start to hold and do some type of examinationism. Yeah, no one notices you dude.


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