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The Good, The Bad & THE NASTY

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It's been a year since I've done this, hope you all enjoy!

The Good - Falcons Defense went into overdrive vs. the Fish last weekend. We saw Abraham truck Jake Long and make the sack despite a very noticable holding call. (Way to go refs - you couldn't help but notice that!) The emergence of a LB corps that knows how to lay the lumber. The Peterson (I think "Peterbilt" suits him better!) acquisition payed dividends with him being highly responsible for three turnovers. It's a good bet Fasano has been having nightmares about him this past week. Also, How about that Tony Gonzalez? Week 2 - Having destroyed and decimated an offense with better weapons than Carolina has to offer, if the Atlanta Defense can put half the pressure on Delhomme as the Eagles did in Week 1, then look for a complete blowout.

The Bad - The Falcons' Kicking Game. What we saw in Week 1 out of kicker Jason Elam had to be his career worst day as an NFL player... period. Elam has a slight hamstring injury presently but historically has been THE GUY for getting 3 at 50 and under. Also noteworthy was the missed TD passes from Matt Ryan although it can be said he was recovering from the flu (hope it wasn't pork-related) and that he was just kind of pumped up about opening day. Week 2 - The kicking game could very well be needed if Carolina comes to play as they historically have in this rivalry. Hopefully if Ryan is hitting his targets early it won't come to that as TD's score more that 2x what FGs have to offer.

THE NASTY - Last year it was the Offensive Line that provided us with the best nasty moments but as of Week 1, it's the Defense! The defensive line, most noteworthy Babineaux, Abraham and the "Beer Man" making huge plays and Jerry looks pretty good up there too. The LB corps brought the wood (already mentioned Peterbilt) with this corps leading the team in tackles. Lofton is a real workhorse and we can't forget Nicholas who's starting as well. After a performance like this Falcon Fans are looking forward to see if this defense plays as well against a conference opponent. There's no reason they can't continue to shine and with added help from a powerful offense that they shouldn't have to bail out this Sunday, this could get UGLY for Carolina fans well before halftime.

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