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Over the Middle


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Tony Gonzalez working the middle of the field:

Matt Ryan targeted his new tight end often last week and the two seemed to have great chemistry. Gonzalez's skills were on full display as he demonstrated great hands, route running and the ability to run after the catch against the Dolphins. The Panthers had some trouble against the Eagles' Brent Celek in the opener and Gonzalez is a far more accomplished player.

Celek had 6 receptions and a TD.

So how about another TD for Gonzo in week 2!!!

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hey norbendon, i gotta say i love that picture. I always thought D. Hall was the most overrated player on out team even with Vick here... and to see our boys embarrass him makes me smile. Anyway, I think our D-line will put plenty of pressure on Delhomme and our LBs and DEs will do a good job of containing that dangerous duo of runners. As for our offense I don't think that Carolina can stop Turner and Norwood even if they put 7 or 8 in the box. They just aren't as dangerous on D as they once were. And certainly once we get the Run going, Matty Ice and our play action will tear them apart... Don't worry about Ryan's shaky start week one when he missed those sure-touchdown throws. Everybody gets those opening-day jitters once in a while.... Except Drew Brees lol.

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