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I made it home at 6pm UK time (1pm EST yesterday). What a brilliant weekend. I'd like to start this thread to thank ALL of the board members and falcons personnel who I met over the weekend. Your warmth and hospitality was very much appreciated. I'd also like to single out the following people for special thanks:-

Shiney McShine - For giving me a lift to the MBGT hotel on Friday evening, and introducing me to the world of American beer. Even more importantly, your kindness and assistance during the whole weekend made me feel very welcome thousands of miles from home. I am very grateful indeed.

Duff Man, John Winger, Jabrjo - For being great company on the Beer Tour, plus Heather who was the designated driver for both parts of the tour.

JStammer - For organising the MGBT weekend, arranging the pre-game passes and for giving me a Falcons’ Cap. Everyone who attended the MBGT should be very grateful for your efforts.

Nobkowski/Mozzie/Bill from North Carolina - Great guys.

Dan Levak - For his kind words pre-game and for sorting out the pre-game passes. Being on the field whilst the players were warming up was a privilege and an awesome experience that I will never forget.

Lawrence Sidbury - for being kind enough to give me a handshake pre-game.

J Mike - For posing for a pre-game photograph. Nice guy. I should also thank J Mike’s mum for taking the photo!

The group of guys sat behind me in 246 shouting "Move the Chains" at every first down - You guys are great fans, who made a ton of noise from start to finish. Keep up the good work.

The Players and Coaches - for playing and coaching a great game. A dominant performance and a great win.

Thomas Dimitroff - For being kind enough to stop for a few photographs, and to talk after the game. A personnel genius, but also a very friendly, down to earth guy.

Mike Smith - For being kind enough to stop for a quick chat after the game, when he was clearly in a hurry and being ushered and escorted away by 2 very grumpy policemen. It was very much appreciated.

Arthur Blank - For building the classiest organisation in pro-sports at every level, as show above.

PS - Sorry If this doesn't belong it TATF, but it had to be done. Go Falcons.

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I'm sure if there was poll to determine which Rival fan y'all would accept as your own... I would be somewhere in the top?

Did that link help you at all?

You would definitely be number one!!! It is gonna make you feel so much better when you come out of the closet and admit who you really like.**** I think of you as one of us.(almost)

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Alan is one of the nicest people I met. It was my pleasure to show some southern hospitality(even though I am from Nebraska). He was a very brave man to get in to a strangers car in a different country to go drink beer....Regardless, I really enjoyed meeting you and helping you attend the festivities. I am glad you liked my beer choices(albeit for the Guinness you had) and hope you can return again.

For those of you who met Alan, you can understand when I say what a nice person he is.


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Allen - Glad you made it home in good shape ! ! !

I'm glad Superfan changed his screen name to superfangelo cause guys like you and mozzie are truely SUPERFANS.

To travel from overseas to attend the party and game is awesome in my book.

I didn't know where to put the pics from the mbgt so I guess here will be okay. Shiney or James or someone could maybe pin this so it wouldn't be out of place.

The first pic. will be of of Interceptor #98 and UKFalcfan #32 John Winger looks like he got photo shopped into it but he somehow got into several LOL The second pic is from left to right: James Stammer, Duff Man, and Shiney, (jabrjo in back ground) the third pic is Mozzie and the future Mrs. Mozzie, and last but not least Shane and Jabrjo. By the time I got around to taking more pics of more mb folks, the beer had been flowing and well they didn't exactly come out right. :lol: :lol: my bad. B) It was really a very special mbgt. My fav. so far and It got topped off by a Falcons Domination.! ! ! ! ! I'm gonna try to squeeze one more in here. (yours truly :lol: )

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