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All of a sudden I am having to log-in everytime I come to AFMB


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no, don't think so......how can I check?

If you are using windows vista

Click on the "TOOLS" option to the top right of the page in the section that reads from left to right "PAGE<SAFETY<TOOLS"

Then click "internet options"

Once you are in "INTERNET OPTIONS" click the "security tab" up top.

You should be set to "medium security" by default.

From this window you can click on the tab that reads "CUTOM LEVEL" and scroll down the list to see the entire list of options you can enable or disable for browsing.

Make sure cookies are enabled or you could simply add this website as one of your "trusted sites" in the list there on the security page. That is completely up to you.

Have any questions let me know.. I can put a ventrilo vocie server up if you'd prefer voice communication rather than typing.

The same can be applied in windows xp. This is of course assuming your using Internet Explorer.

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just happened a few days ago - anyone else having these issues? anyone? anyone?

A couple of reasons this could happen.

1. Are you logging in from your phone and computer or more than one computer?

2. Cookies are turned off or cleaned before exiting - check your settings

3. Maybe the first time was a fluke - when you logged back in - did you check ... remember me? (I can't remember now if that's even there - I've been logged in 10 years (lol)!

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