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Panthers Game Sold Out

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It's pretty wierd, you can still go on Ticketmaster and get seats in just about any part of the stadium you want. The NFL must be playing loose with the definition of "sell out" these days, but I can't blame them, I think it's the right thing to do.

I agree. There have been projections that nearly 20% of all NFL games could be blacked out this season. That's obviously not due to any declining popularity of the NFL, it's a simple matter of people no longer having the disposable income. I would hope the NFL would recognize that and cut the fans a bit of a break.

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Cool! That means there will only be 11,000 empty seats this week. :blink:

There were only 3,394 empty last week. People looking at the mezzzanine apparently don't realize those people are inside their suites. Attendance for the Falcons was 67,606 in their home opener and only 65,110 for Pittsburgh's. What people may have noticed were the people who drag themselves in at the last minute and then leave before the game is over.

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Sellout for Falcons vs. PanthersBy D. ORLANDO LEDBETTER

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution




Flowery Branch - Sunday's Falcons game against the Carolina Panthers has been sold out and there will be no local television blackout, the team announced Thursday.

Wow. That DOL just keeps bringing in the cutting edge reports. What a journalist!!..................... :P

Seriously - thanks for posting. It's always a relief to know that it'll be on TV.

(Just had to take a shot at Bedwetter :D )

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