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Keys to the Game


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Why not do what everyone else does, and just start a new one?

Keep pressure on Jake, but before you do that, stuff the run and watch the screens. Remember, Jake has something to prove this week, and he doesn't need to make mistakes, even if it means throwing everything inside of 15 yards.

One of last years best RB tandems will be testing our run D this week, if we can stop them on first and second downs, we can control the game, and make Jake beat us with passes. We need to keep an eye on Smith, of course. Probably double him with Decoud and Houston.

Our run game needs to be stout, to set up the play-action and allow us to keep pressure off of Ryan and make the defense play honest.

Special teams needs to keep playing like they have, and Elam needs to make those points. Hopefully his hammy is okay by Sunday.

Edit: We need score more points than the Panthers, because as history would show, 9/10 if you can do this, you'll win.

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I think the gameplan should be what their default gameplan is. We stuff the run forcing them to pass and then we got all of the interceptions Jake is gonna throw up for us!

I completely agree. If we can shut down their run game, it would take an effort from our defense like the Chargers game for Carolina to beat us

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