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Matt Ryan needs to learn


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lol....i like this one and the lockeroom one....

and yes Matty Ice lacks acting skills.....his airplane commerical sucks

ha they are both great, he's actually pretty funny. Surprising, he can crack skulls in football and he can crack jokes.

The yogurt commercial makes the airplane commercial look like a piece of great work.

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way to put matts name in the title to descise that this has somethin to do with the falcons

btw MGS4 is better then splinter cell

Yeah :rolleyes: . Might want to say IMO, you're stating it as a fact. Sci-fi<Realism, IMO thanks.

Matt is no worse than Kurt Warner - Keep Gym in School.

Hey - he's a QB - not an actor. If you guys want acting - become an Indy or a Jets fan!

It was a joke to get some laughs but thanks.

Wow. It's weird hearing Polamalu's voice and adding it with his body, knowing he is a freight train of a safety. They don't match at all.

Yeah he sounds kind of...feminine. Doesn't match at all.

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