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The Atlanta Falcons Message Board Fans have voted and the winner is ...


We, the members of the Atlanta Falcons Message Board come together as grateful and extremely pleased Falcon Fans to honor you with our first 2009 Hick'ry Stick award for your outstanding play in Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins.

We applaud you and we thank you!


If you wanted to find him on the field Sunday - all you had to do was find the ball. He was right there. With the speed and deadly aim of a true Falcon, he twice nailed the ball from Anthony Fasano's hand and into the waiting arms of his fellow Falcons. Only once did he get greedy and not even allow Fasano the honor of turning it over - he snatched that ball from the air like only the Falcon can do and sped down the sidelines.

His actions not only thwarted the Fishy Fellows from their desired scoring - but put the ball back into our young Leader's hands giving us ample opportunity to secure a victory. Not only on these plays, but all day long, he was speeding to the ball and hitting hard. You could hear the crunching and feel the energy coming from the field.

We are proud to call him a Falcon and welcome him into our flock. He has certainly earned his wings!

Indianapolis drafted Mike in the 1999 draft second round, 36th pick overall. He was a starter there until 2003, when he joined the Jaguars the same year as Mike Smith became the defensive coordinator there. They have history and it shows. Our coaching staff knows how to get the best out of our Hick'ry Stick speedster. Not only did he have Mike Smith as his DC until he came to Atlanta, but in 2005, BVG, our current DC, was the linebackers coach for the Jaguars. After having some personality clashes with the Jaguar coaching staff, Mike found his way to the coaching staff who knew and respected him .... and we, the Falcon fans are the real winners in this move!

Welcome to Atlanta "Pete", we are proud to have you as part of our team!

Here is the Nomination that the fans voted for:

Mike Peterson 2nd Qtr. 1:52 left then 3rd Qtr. 1:46 left then 3rd Qtr. 0:27 left

Miami started a drive in the 2nd quarter with close to 4 minutes left. Their defense had just held us to a punt and they were moving the ball well - having converted twice - they were now at the Atlanta 16 yard line just after the 2 minute warning. Chad takes 5 steps back and tosses the ball to Fasano at the line of scrimmage. He makes it to the 10 yard line when Lofton launches at his legs - as he is going down - Peterson comes in and puts his helmet right on the ball with a bone crushing hit. The ball pops up and is recovered by Brian Williams. The rest of the story is under Brian's nomination, however, the forced fumble and recovery led to a field goal for the Falcons!

After halftime, Miami held us to a punt on our first 2 possessions and started this drive on their own 20 yard line with 7 minutes and 47 seconds left in the quarter. They were marching down the field on us - converting 3 times in the process and now were sitting on the Atlanta 47 yard line with less than 2 minutes left in the quarter. They were facing 2nd and 19 after a penalty pushed them back, so they loaded the line with receivers. Here, we had only a 4 man front - I was thinking, Wow! Pennington is in the shotgun and fires it off to Fasano. Bam, out of nowhere, Mike Peterson appears - reaching out and snatching that ball out of the air like he thought he was Tony Gonzalez or something! He caught that ball at the Atlanta 42 yard line and ran it back to the Miami 20 yard line with a host of Dolphins and Falcons along for the ride! Absolutely beautiful interception - Troy Polamalu couldn't have done it any better! This is the interception that led to the Tony Gonzalez touchdown!

DEJA-VU!!! I went frame by frame on this play - then went back and went frame by frame on the play in the 2nd quarter where Peterson caused the fumble. The tackles and people involved were nearly identical. Spookiest thing I've ever seen. Miami got the ball back after TG's touchdown at their own 14 yard line. They ran one play and gained 14 yard and were now 1st and 10 on their own 28 yard line. Chad threw the ball to Fasano - who proceeded to turn around and face the exact same defenders coming at him. Curtis Loftin hit him from the right side, then Peterson slams his helmet into the football again and our quick thinking Babs scooped it up for the recovery! This could have ended identically, however, our field goal attempt was missed, so no points on this one. Thanks, Mike!

Here is a link to the voters thread: Hick'ry Stick Week 1Voting

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I was surprised at what a rout the vote was, but the fans have spoken!

This is an award from the message boards fans only, folks, and we certainly appreciate your participation in the voting. Should one particular player end up with more sticks than any other at season's end, he'll get a "Gold Hick'ry Stick".

Lot's of fun! :D

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Not a certificate. Us message boarders chip in to buy each winner a new car,

Please send payment in the form of cash to:

Hick'ry Stick Sweepstakes

P.O. Box 2309

Valdosta, GA. 31501

No, the address is actually in Macon since it is centrally located and the sports hall of fame is here also. pm me for the address.

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