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Gonzalez likes chances in one-on-one coverage.

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You’ve got to give Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez credit for giving an honest answer -- and an accurate one -- when asked if anyone in the league can cover him one on one.

The question came up in a radio interview with Atlanta’s 790 The Zone, and Gonzalez responded with man coverage.

“Confidently speaking, I would say no,’’ Gonzalez said. “ If I am on my game, and I am running out there the way I think I can, they shouldn’t be able to because when you’re on offense you have the advantage, he doesn’t know where I am going, I know where I am going. If I can’t beat you to a spot where I know that I am going and you don’t know, then there is something wrong with me. That’s when I would say to myself; I got to think about retiring. Politically speaking, yeah, some guys might be able to get the best of me, but nine times out of 10 I can beat one-on-one coverage.”

One other thing that needs to be pointed out here: Although Gonzalez may be getting up in age, he's going to see less one-on-one coverage than he did the past few years in Kansas City. That's because the Falcons also have Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood to occupy the attention of defenses.

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