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Myth of the schedule


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I've heard so much this offseason about how our schedule is so hard and the Saints have those two easy games that are going to propel them to the division title, that I decided to dig a little deeper into the numbers.

Forget the fact that talking about a schedule's difficulty based on last year's records is pretty suspect to begin with, no one ever discusses when each team's games are played.

For instance, going into the season, the Falcons opponents' 2008 winning percentage was a combined 0.588 while the Saints was a combined 0.557. Looks like a pretty signifcant advantage for the Saints. However, we have now played the 4th best team on our schedule and the Saints have played the worst. So, we are both 1-0, and the 2008 winning percentage of the remaining schedules is 0.581 for the Falcons and 0.594 for the Saints. The advantage switches back to the Saints after week 8 when we play eachother (i.e., when the Saints get one of our games off the schedule ;) ), and then back to the Falcons for the rest of the season 2 weeks later after we play the Panthers (12-4) and the Saints play the Rams (2-14).

Of course, all of this is meaningless since we are playing the 2009 schedule, not the 2008 schedule, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

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Ive always felt that a team's success in the previous year doesnt automatically translate into success for the next. Granted unless a team loses significant players they will probably maintain some sort of status quo, but the fact still remains that every team has to earn their wins. Just because a team won 13 games last year doesnt entitle them to 10 this year. I say to **** with looking at the previous years W/L column. They are playing different sets of teams just as we are. It really holds no real water. Each year is independent of itself.

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