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    • Kroy Biermann #71
    • John Abraham #55
    • Tony Gonzalez #88
    • Mike Peterson #53
    • Brian Williams #29

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Kroy Biermann 1st Qtr. 8:01 left then 3rd Qtr. 10:24 left

After our first drive, controlling the ball 5 1/2 minutes and driving down only to feel the disappointment of a missed field goal, our defense took the field to a pretty pumped up Miami offense starting on the Miami 32 yard line. After a couple of running plays which moved them down to their own 37 yard line, Miami decided to try a pass. Kroy Biermann was lined up on the right end next to Peria Jerry with Mike Peterson not far behind him. The ball was snapped and Mike drew two men away to the right side and Peria handled both the guard and the tackle - leaving Kroy free to bullet right through around and behind Pennington, who was poised to throw the ball. Swoop - he bats the ball into Chad's facemask, then proceeds to do-si-do him out of the way. Meanwhile, Babs and Jerry are attacking the football, recovering it on Miami's 37 yard line - Falcons Ball! Unfortunately, when we started to move the ball, we were hit with a penalty and ended up punting the ball away.

In the 3rd quarter, after Pennington had recovered from his reunion with Abe enough to throw the ball one yard, he was facing a 3rd and 9 on Miami's 27 yard line. Jake Long - still shook up after being manhandled all day, was poised to stop Kroy from his bad intentions. Unfortunately for Jake, Kroy wasn't any easier to handle than Abe! He blew right by him, with Jake holding on for dear life and going along for the ride before collapsing into the ground, and again offered to dance with Chad, showing him a new version of the do-si-do - Swing your partner down to the ground ! Oh well, at least the punter was kept busy! Thanks Kroy!

John Abraham: 1st Qtr. 1:15 left then 3rd Qtr 11:52 left

After a disappointing Falcon drive and a beautiful punt, Miami started their drive at their own 12 yard line. They steadily marched it towards our end zone - earning 3 fresh sets of downs in the process. When they reached the Atlanta 47 yard line, facing a 3rd down with a measly 4 yards to go, Pennington must have felt pretty good. They snapped the ball, he dropped back, looking for an open receiver. Abe picked this moment to give his old teammate a hug, but Jake Long wasn't going to let him by. Well, Abe just downed him like McNabb does a bowl of Chunky Soup. He flattened Long and ran right over him to give his good buddy a hug! Well, Chad was so touched - he decided to give us the ball back so we could march down and grab the touchdown. Now, that's devotion to a friend!

Later in the 3rd quarter, Miami had just gotten the ball back and were facing 1st and 10 on their own 26 yard line. After the snap, Jake and Abe were having a little dance, when Jamaal Anderson decided to push a guard into Chad's face. Chad, in fear for his life, tucked the ball and started to scoot! Abe, having eyes in the side of his head apparently, abruptly broke off his dance with Jake and flew like a bullet to nail Chad to the ground! Bam!!!! I know that smarted a little! I would like to add that the previous drive for Miami, on 3rd down - Abe tried to give Chad some lovin' too! However, Chad ran away and threw the ball out of bounds - resulting in a punt! Then there was the earlier smackdown of Bess! Typical day at the office for Abe! Thanks Abe!

Tony Gonzalez : 2nd Qtr. 9:20 left then 3rd Qtr. 1:26 left

Where do I begin. Forget the blocking he did all day. Manhandled Joey Porter looking more like a guard than a TE! But, I digress. Let's start in the 2nd quarter, with 9:20 left. Let me set it up for you: Atlanta had started this drive with just over a minute left in the 1st quarter at our own 11 yard line. Matt methodically drove us down the field - getting 3 fresh sets of downs in the process and we were sitting on the Miami 35 yard line with a 3rd down. From the shotgun, Matt threw the ball to Tony who caught it with Gibril Wilson hanging all over him at the Miami 20 yard line - YES - 4th conversion of the drive! Now we are 1st and 10 on the Miami 20 yard line. Matt throws a bomb to Gonzalez, who was wearing an outfit that looked a lot like Yeremiah Bell, yet he caught that ball in his hands in one of the prettiest catches I've ever seen - with a defender draped on him like hot sauce on wings! That catch led to another pass to Ovie Mughelli in the endzone from the one yard line and a Touchdown for Atlanta!!

Later, in the 3rd Quarter, with 1:26 left on the clock - after Peterson secured the ball for us on Miami's 20 yard line, the incredible play happened. Miami had really turned up the heat on defense - and our last 2 possessions had ended in punts. The first two plays of the drive, Miami really stepped up - and here we were - 3rd and 10, still on the 20 yard line 14 seconds after we got the ball. For some reason, Miami decided to come with an all out blitz. Matt called the play from shotgun and as the ball snapped - he read the defense and saw the blitz - he yelled Cover Zero! Tony immediately broke off his route and Matt was immediately swarmed - he threw the ball to Tony, who caught the ball at the 13 yard line - proceeded to toss Yeremiah Bell to the side like a sack of yesterdays trash - then bulled his way into the endzone, where he was promptly swarmed by a flock of Falcons! Thanks, Tony!

Mike Peterson 2nd Qtr. 1:52 left then 3rd Qtr. 1:46 left then 3rd Qtr. 0:27 left

Miami started a drive in the 2nd quarter with close to 4 minutes left. Their defense had just held us to a punt and they were moving the ball well - having converted twice - they were now at the Atlanta 16 yard line just after the 2 minute warning. Chad takes 5 steps back and tosses the ball to Fasano at the line of scrimmage. He makes it to the 10 yard line when Lofton launches at his legs - as he is going down - Peterson comes in and puts his helmet right on the ball with a bone crushing hit. The ball pops up and is recovered by Brian Williams. The rest of the story is under Brian's nomination, however, the forced fumble and recovery led to a field goal for the Falcons!

After halftime, Miami held us to a punt on our first 2 possessions and started this drive on their own 20 yard line with 7 minutes and 47 seconds left in the quarter. They were marching down the field on us - converting 3 times in the process and now were sitting on the Atlanta 47 yard line with less than 2 minutes left in the quarter. They were facing 2nd and 19 after a penalty pushed them back, so they loaded the line with receivers. Here, we had only a 4 man front - I was thinking, Wow! Pennington is in the shotgun and fires it off to Fasano. Bam, out of nowhere, Mike Peterson appears - reaching out and snatching that ball out of the air like he thought he was Tony Gonzalez or something! He caught that ball at the Atlanta 42 yard line and ran it back to the Miami 20 yard line with a host of Dolphins and Falcons along for the ride! Absolutely beautiful interception - Troy Polamalu couldn't have done it any better! This is the interception that led to the Tony Gonzalez touchdown!

DEJA-VU!!! I went frame by frame on this play - then went back and went frame by frame on the play in the 2nd quarter where Peterson caused the fumble. The tackles and people involved were nearly identical. Spookiest thing I've ever seen. Miami got the ball back after TG's touchdown at their own 14 yard line. They ran one play and gained 14 yard and were now 1st and 10 on their own 28 yard line. Chad threw the ball to Fasano - who proceeded to turn around and face the exact same defenders coming at him. Curtis Loftin hit him from the right side, then Peterson slams his helmet into the football again and our quick thinking Babs scooped it up for the recovery! This could have ended identically, however, our field goal attempt was missed, so no points on this one. Thanks, Mike!

Brian Williams: 2nd Qtr. 1:44 left

I was going to make Brian a runner up, but I rewatched that play frame by frame and the heads up play by this guy was amazing. Not only was he fabulous all day long - in on tackles, always around the ball - looking like he'd been a Falcon for several years instead of several days, but he was amazingly aware of what was going on in that instant. If you have the chance and tools - view that whole fumble frame by frame - it's an awesome thing to view. Lofton and Peterson had almost reached Fasano and Abe and Brian were coming in fast. Brian somehow saw that ball was coming out and veered around to the other side to grab it. Then he was joined by Babs and Coleman and the rest of the crew - along with a beautiful block by Johnson to let him by and ran the ball down to the Miami 29 yard line where 2 Dolphins jumped him and he lost the ball. Fortunately, it bounded out of bounds at the Miami 26 yard line and was spotted there. Looking at it in normal speed, it looks like the ball just pops right to him - but he circled that and went for the ball - absolutely astounding! Watching the rest of the Falcons running down with him, blocking all the way - PRICELESS! Thanks Brian - and Welcome to Atlanta!!!!!

Runner up Kudos go to:

Todd McClure and Justin Blalock - In the first quarter, they absolutely leveled Channing Crowder. While I have no proof, I'm pretty sure this- was payback for all the talking he'd been doing during the week. Yes, it was a penalty - but well worth it!

Stephen Nicholas - Great ST work and I just loved that hit on Ronnie Brown in the 1st quarter with about 6 minutes to go.

Peria Jerry - All Day he was handling his side beautifully, taking up 2 men most of the time. In the 4th quarter, with about 7 1/2 minutes left- in the game, he put a hit on Pennington - who managed to throw it away (should have been called). This was nearly a sack - really close.

Brian Finneran - Beautifully timed jump and awesome catch on the onside kick attempt - pretty much sealed the win!

Jerious Norwood - starting to see our Jerious come back now - he was looking mighty fine out there!

Matt Ryan - For his heads up leadership - recognizing the blitz and yelling Cover Zero - then getting the ball to Tony for the TD!

Jonathan Babineaux - For his very impolite smackdown of Polite at the beginning of the 3rd quarter - that really looked painful! And for his- heads up play all day, including the ball recovery on two different plays - once from Kroy Bierman's forced fumble in the first quarter and- then from the Fasano fumble caused by Lofton at the end of the third quarter.

Ovie Mughelli - Solid play all day - including a beautiful Touchdown catch in the second quarter, followed by a strange ritual which I still - need identified. Ovie isn't a receiving target often - but he's money when he is. :)

Curtis Lofton - For bringing the Hick'ry Stick to the Dolphins all day long. He's fast, he's furious and he's OURS (MUAHAHAHA)

I would like to add that this was the hardest job ever. Trying to pick a few plays from this amazing day was extremely hard. If I left out someone you feel should have been nominated - I'm sorry - this was a difficult lot to select! Further, I would like to thank the entire Defensive Unit and Special Teams for a job done at an amazing level - and for making this one of my favorite days ever!


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I voted before I read the responses or looked at the numbers, but it seems my thinking is ubiquitous here.

My heart says Biermann as he came out of nowhere with his performance.

My testosterone/machismo (I wear Sex Panther cologne on top of my Old Spice) says Abraham for just blowing up #1 overall Jake Long.

But my head says Peterson - 2 forced fumbles and 1 interception. He singlehandedly stopped 3 Miami drives - one easy in scoring territory. And his big hits fired up the O and D team and the whole stadium.

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