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Gritblitzer's NFL Idiot of the Week

Guest Gritz

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For your Sunday night comments about Matt Ryan being "just a caretaker quarterback" you, Jamie Dukes, are awarded this week's NFL Idiot of the Week Award. I didn't know that part of your weight loss diet was to drink the Haterade. You keep digging for that brain Jamie. Maybe you'll get lucky and hit paydirt.

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I missed that comment, good thing.

Nice pic. You could have drawn him looking for a brain in the Wizard of Oz - except for the part they don't make XXXLarge scarecrows.

How does a 'caretaker' QB create a pro-bowl WR? Roddy White does not throw to himself.

How does a 'caretaker' QB execute a game winning throw with 0:11 left vs. the Bears?

How does a 'caretaker' QB run a no huddle frequently and effectively?

How does a 'caretaker' QB help a team to the playoffs in 2008 with a below average in any statistical category defense? Our D was not putrid, but the '85 Bears (caretaker QB), 2000 Ravens (caretaker QB), 2002 Bucaneers (caretaker QB) it was certainly not.

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Honorable mention goes to Warren Sapp for stating that the Falcons did nothing to address the defensive line in the offseason and Marshall Faulk just out of general principle.

I have a strong feeling they will get the award sooner than later....... ;)

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I assume you mean commentators

Leodis McKelvin and **** Juron get my vote for NFL players and coaches.

Wanted to keep it Falcons-related so that it could stay in this forum........ ;)

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