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Everybody talks about the defense gelling


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Everybody talks about how it will take time for the defense, and especially our secondary, to "gel". Granted we had a great outing vs. the Dolphins, but I think we all agree the D is far from a finished product.

But what about when this offense really starts getting in gear? I would think that an offense would take longer to get up to "midseason form" because of the precision required for a competent passing attack.

We should've had at least 26 points against Miami, 33 if we run Turner at the end instead of kneel down(or at least an easy 29). What happens when we're able to run the ball better or at least have Turner bust a couple big ones? Couple that with Ryan evolving in his second year and developing further chemistry with his receivers, and Gonzo getting settled into the system, and this offense could be SCARY.

Just wanted to throw that out there. Just like our D, I don't think we've seen the full potential for our offense yet.

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Matt missed a few deep balls that kept the game from being a complete blowout. I'm sure that will get fixed.

But realize also, the Dolphins are a solid team defensively and have been for a few years now. Even in their 1-15 season they lost a lot of close games, the D kept them in it.

What I love about our offense is if you game plan against stopping Turner, Ryan and company can now hurt you badly in the passing game.

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Actually, you underestimated our potential offensive production

Sunday, Ryan missed 2 open TD passes(one to Roddy and another to Norwood), though we did score 3 on one of those drives. That's 11 more points right there we could have added. Add in the 7 Elam left of the field (2 misses FG and the x-tra point), and we could have easily put up another 21 points on that team, bringing our total to 40. This isn't even including us kneeling on it inside the red zone at the end (not that I disagree with that decision).

My point is simply that our offense only misfired slightly and it costed us 14 points (ST misfires added another 7).

We are not that far away from really dominating our opponents.

Once we start "clicking" on that side of the ball, we're gonna roll.

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