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Can you believe how fast we turned it around?

Proto  Man

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I have not been this excited for our football team in a very very long time. All signs point to more and more wins and breaking the so called curse. And who knows, we may even go deep in the playoffs and even the big game!

Reading all these articles about our defense (All about our LB's being "brothers" and going out to eat and things).

To seeing that amazing game for our new favorite TE.

Having 4 turnovers in one game!

4 sacs in one game!

Man I could go on and on about our play makers (we have sooo many now)

I'm sorry for this "rant" but I am just so **** excited! And next week ill be outta work at 1:30 so I can watch the game! (if I can find a link for an online PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL!)

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