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Poll: Which Team in the NFC South


Pick the team you hate the most  

76 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick the team you hate the most

    • Tampa Sucs
    • Carolina Pansies
    • New Orleans Aints

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A few years ago Tampa beat our azz, and just to rub it in they mocked up by "passing the magic" all day long. I have hated the living ish out of them ever since, and I will continue to hate them forever.

Ya like I said I'm surprised that there is only 3 votes for the Bucs. I would have guessed from the start of this, they would be number one. I think a lot of the old timers would pick the Aints, but I still would have thought the Bucs would be #1.

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Buc's and Saints never really hated till recently. Since the Buc's were never in our division and always felt sorry for them before the Dungy Years and the Saints were always below us as I could not stand the 49ers and the Rams.

Now funny I am starting to feel sorry for the Rams, but the 49ers I still can not stand.

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I tend to vary who I hate the most on a year by year basis, so I have broken it down by year.

1966 Saints

1967 Saints

1968 Saints

1969 Saints

1970 Saints

1971 Saints

1972 Saints

1973 Saints

1974 Saints

1975 Saints

1976 Saints

1977 Saints

1978 Saints

1979 Saints

1980 Saints

1981 Saints

1982 Saints

1983 Saints

1984 Saints

1985 Saints

1986 Saints

1987 Saints

1988 Saints

1989 Saints

1990 Saints

1991 Saints

1992 Saints

1993 Saints

1994 Saints

1995 Saints

1996 Saints

1997 Saints

1998 Saints

1999 Saints

2000 Saints

2001 Saints

2002 Saints

2003 Saints

2004 Saints

2005 Saints

2006 Saints

2007 Saints

2008 Saints

2009 Saints

2010 Saints

2011 Saints

2012 Saints

2013 Saints

2014 Saints

2015 Saints

2016 Saints

2017 Saints

2018 Saints

2019 Saints

2020 Saints

2021 Saints

2022 Saints

2023 Saints

2024 Saints

2025 Saints

2026 Saints

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