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Yeah, I'm sure fans of other schools and that are fans of the falcons and even the fans of the falcons that don't care about college football all want UGA to beat the tar out of Patrino and the hogs for what he did to Aurther Blank. Mark Richt and his football team couldn't care less about what Patrino did to the falcons. Hogs will lose but I'm sure patrino would enjoy sticking it to alot of falcon fans this weekend.

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I remember circling this date when Petrino jetted for Arkansas. I'm a big Falcons fan but an even bigger Dawgs fan, so I'll take double the pleasure (double the fun?) in seeing the Hogs go down.

They really are an unknown quantity to me at this point though. I'm almost afraid to find out which UGA team shows up this weekend, they are so sketchy so far this season... but I have even less of an idea what to realistically expect out of Arkansas. I know they have some good skill position guys.

I just know they must lose and lose bad. :lol:

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I AM A REAL HAWG FAN. No matter how much they lose or win. No matter how many times they crush my heart. No matter the dirty politics of Firing or Hiring coaches. I root for the TEAM, the KIDS, Always and Forever. You can take your wishy washy bandwagon jumping "Fanship" anywhere you want. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

I AM A REAL FALCON FAN. and now hindsight being 20/20. The best thing for the Falcons is exactly what happened. BP was not a NFL coach. That also falls on McKay and Blank for hiring him. Should have never hired Mora Jr. either. You want to be mad...be mad at Mgmt. for poor choices. Now we have a General=TD, and HE picked his army, and we see the difference.

I like to see GA do well. I especially like Mark Richt. I always respected the way GA playED defense (Martinez is garbage) and ran the ball.

Mallet > Cox

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Sooey!


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