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Very, Very impressive Offense and Defense

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I watched the Falcons game again for the 3rd time because I couldn’t figure out what was so familiar about the offense. Then it hit me the old San Francisco 49ers offense. Ryan spread that football around so much that the defense couldn’t make any adjustments to defend themselves. Ryan passed to Gonzales, White, Jenkins and then hit Norwood AND Mughelli out f the back field. They also keept Turner involved which forced the defense to play the run as well. All I can say is WOW our offense is lethal.

The defense was MONSTER! Super intense. I didn’t count, but they made at least 10 plays behind the line of scrimmage. Babs hit on Polite was just vicious. Peterson played at a super high level and Lofton was a beast. Biermann has become an excellent pass rusher; he has earned the right to be on the field more. Believe it or not Jamal even showed more hustle (I really think he needs to work on upper body strength). I could go on but overall the defense play very well.

If the Falcons can stay healthy and play at this elevated level the rest of the year forget 11 games, I think they can win 12 or 13! There are teams on the schedule I didn’t think we could beat but now I know we can. Again the key is to stay health and play consistently…we’ll see

Not a lot of press coverage on our dominating win but I like it. We’re still flying under the radar and that a good thing!

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