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Kroy Bierman phone interview on ESPN News


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Q. You matched your sack total from las year already, now what?

A. OH, I felt good out there running around and making plays, and I think now, it's just back to work again, and working on things I need to keep getting better at, and keep perfecting my pass rush.

Q. Your coach says your team has 7 or 8 starting DL, what does that depth mean for the Falcons?

A. It's good for us, we have a great rotation, it allows guys to be fresh, and allows guys to really get in there and rush the passer at full speed and keep that pocket pushed and quarterback nervous, so it's good for us.

Q. You came in with Matt Ryan last year, what is it you've seen from Matt Ryan that has made him so effective from the time he arrived?

A. Well I think he pays attention to detail and he is really focused. He puts a lot of time and effort into what he does, and he goes out and practices well, he works on the things he needs to get better at, and he's just very focused.

Q. Kroy, what is the origin of your first name?

A. Actually my whole family's first name begins with K, and my mom needed a boy's name but she didn't really like any of the standard names, so she searched the phone book and it was the last name of a couple that lived in our town.

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You missed one:

Q. Kroy what do you think your chances are for cracking the starting line up

A. I think they are good and FFS1970 is right. I'm the second best pass rusher on the team and can defend the run from either side.

Kroy is a star in the making for sure, but I like the way the coaches keep people fresh. It will allow our defensive unit to be fresher in the playoffs, and I think that will be huge.

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