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People making a big deal about Kanye


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no i started it so we can all laugh at lil mamma getting on stage and looking like a buffoon while Jay-z straight up ignores her

cool reading skills though

Had enough skills to see what you typed:

"one are silly and worry to much about other peoples lives"

Why you worried bout lil mama and Jay Z's lives? ;)

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OMG he said to her your T-Paining me right now and she still didn't catch that she wasn't invited

:lol: :lol: officially the most awkward moment in award show history

lol but it would have been even worse for her to get up there only to then sit right back down,it would have been to obvious. Why does she keep showing her face? she looks like an idiot everytime she appears somewhere lol. she be out lookin a hot mess

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kanye west is one of those cocky arrogant people that dont quite pull it off right. he comes off as trying too hard. some people can pull that off and might have made that a funny moment, but kanye isnt one of them. dont get me wrong he is one of the most talented musicians out today, i like most of everything he does. but he is and has been a ********* since the blueprint. hes one of those people you just want to bitchslap.

i dont think hes racist as much as he leans on racism as a crutch, as if some white girl COULDNT HAVE POSSIBLE EARNED THE AWARD over beyonce. he is a hot bag of massengil. i wish id see him on the streets id knock the chip off his shoulder real quick like.

as an artist he is superb, as a person he is a mix of vinegar and water helping women to get rid of that "not so fresh" feeling.

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sounds like you think a lot about hurting guys butts and like to add a picture of a small boy crying to the equation. Or am I the only one seeing this?

No you're not the only one.

This must be a different generation. I've never heard the word Butthurt...and wouldn't be caught using it.

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