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Finally going to a game! NC Crew in the house?

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Thinking of going to a game again this season. Being in Chapel Hill means I pretty much gotta make a weekend out of it though. I just a little too far to drive there, watch the game, and drive back all in one day. Going to the Charlotte games are way easier (and cheaper). I LOVE watching our Birds beat down those fools at BOA!

Hey do you go to UNC-CH?

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Not all of us sold out our teams when Charlotte got their team. I remember when NC's unofficial "home" teams were the Falcons/Redskins. Outside of Charlotte, North Carolina is a mixed bag when it comes to NFL loyalty.

Greensboro NC here. Been a fan since 70 or 71. When I was growin up , I don't remember any Falcons fans but me :huh: . Everybody was either a skins or boys fan. I'll be making my 1st trip down in 8 yrs , to see the bucs game.

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Oh yeah??? That's cool!

Well, I only recently moved to Charlotte from Gainesville, GA last summer (for a job). I actually miss living in the metro ATL area though.

And I've been a die-hard Falcons fan since '79!! Been a die-hard Panthers hater since '96! :P

You and the OP are in 235... sounds like Peyton sold to both of you!

Didn't realize there was so many fans of the Falcons in Carolina...

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