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Our D played like it had something to prove... because it did. Hopefully we keep it up. If our D plays like they did this week for the whole season.... Superbowl baby.

Brian Williams - Looked like he picked everything up nicely. Everything I was hoping for. Solid, nothing too flashy. Nice run back on the fumble, though.

Wow, Peterson, WOW. MVP without a doubt. Looked fast, smart, and ruthless.

Gonzo - And so it begins.

Lofton - No doubt, a leader and a reliable 'backer who has room to grow into a probowler.

Nicholas - VERY impressed. Had my doubts but he's really progressing into someone I can trust.

Owens - Looks great on special teams, quick, ready to make a play.

Weems - Looks solid, confident, hopefully he stays safe with the returns. Our whole special teams looked like money on Sunday.

Biermann - Wow, this guy sure has developed... I remember during the preaseason game where he got a sack and could have gotten a fumble, shortly after they interviewed JA55 who said that he told Biermann to go for the fumble next time. Advice taken.

Abe - Whew, hasn't lost a step. Laughed my *** off when he bull rushed on Long.

Jerry - Nice game for the rookie. Was getting good pressure on the inside. Probably would have left with a sack if it weren't for his injury.

Even Anderson looked like he was getting around enough to get a sack, was close at times.

Offense has tons of room to improve. Ryan was getting pressured like crazy and appeared to have some butterflies. OL needs to step up, because even though they were concentrating on the run, we all know Turner should break at least one 20+ a game :)... I know they have a good pass rush but we lost at least 21 points (assuming Elam would've made the PAT :)) because Ryan wasn't clicking with his accuracy like he usually is. Butterflies? Pressure in the pocket? Either way, we know he's 10 times better than what he showed Sunday.

Elam - Hope that was a fluke, as I'm sure it was... We lost 7 points due to misses.

Overall, if the D didn't show up like they did, we very well could have lost. It wasn't a fluke. The game planning and pickups by Dimitroff have showed up. Very impressed with the run defense.

What happened in Denver's win was a fluke. Ours was consistent playmaking on the defensive side of the ball. The real defensive testing will start in week 3.

Looking forward: Stuff it again against DeAngelo Williams, double up on Steve Smith, and open up holes for Turner so we can get some play-action going. Ryan needs to pull it together in week 2 to get in stride for a huge upset in week 3.


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Our weakies link on the O-Line is Blaylock in the pass protection. Good DTs can beat him. Dahl and Clabo miscommunicated on Taylor's sack, with the stunt. Twice Taylor got pressure on Ryan on that same stunt, and multiple times the Miami DT got an hit on Ryan over Blaylock.

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thats good and bad, nice to know we can make those solo tackles but want to see more gang-tackles

I thought about that, but without watching the game again I think we can attribute that to them not passing our first line of defense. Gang tackles usually happen when players have time to get around to the RB or WR after they've broken at tackle or two. It's good to have a bunch of people at the ball but it's good to know we're reliable at the first line of defense.

Tackles (solo):

Front 7

Lofton - 10

Nich - 7

Peterson - 7

Biermann - 5 (2 sacks, 2 special teams)

JA55 - 3 (2 sacks)


Brian Williams - 3

Grimes - 3

Houston - 2

DeCoud - 2

Coleman - 2

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