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Brooking was a good fundamental tackler

Flip Wilson

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How long has it been since we have seen the kind of hit that Peterson put on Fasano?

This whole crew of starting LBs are capable of knocking people out like Jessie.

They have not really been tested in coverage but I like what I'm seeing from this crew.

Mike Smith is starting to instill the attitude into this defense that he did with the Ravens and Jags.

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We have 3 real thumpers back there...something that was missing with Brooking and Boley.

I dont know if Gilbert(backup) is a real hitter, but Wire is....so 4/5 aint too shabby.

I agree that our starting 3 can lay you out at any time, but i actually have this sneaky suspicsion(sp) that Nicholas is probably the hardest hitter of all three.

PS. Gilbert is a thumper too.

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