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I thought I was gonna miss the Falcons season opener!


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I've been a Falcon fan since 1980(29 years) and I've never missed a Falcons season opener in all those years. The problem is, I live in Savannah, which is less than 2 hrs from Jacksonville. Because the Falcons were playing at home against the AFC, the game was on CBS, which down here is the Jaguars regular station. :angry: The Jaguars game pre-empted the Falcons game and I was not happy! I thought I was gonna miss a season opener for the 1st time.Then I remembered that our local Locos restaurant shows all the games every Sunday. I just hadn't thought about it because I don't normally go out to watch the game. I've never really been into sports bars, but since Locos is more restaurant than bar, and I couldn't bear to miss the Falcon's opener, I wen't right after church. Didn't go home to change or anything! I ended up having a good time and making some friends. Locos was my football savior yesterday! I may do that again. If there's anybody else like me that's never watched the game like that, I recomend it. It's a lot of fun! :)

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