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Jonathan Babineaux and Peria Jerry


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Both of these guys had really good games........ Both took on double teams at times and also caused enough penetration to stop the QB from stepping up in the pocket...... Peria and Babs was not allowing the dolphins to run the ball up the middle ..... The most important thing i liked is that Peria and Babs occupied blockers...... That allowed the LB's to fly around and make plays

I remembering hearing Warren Sapp say..... "DT's does not produce allot of sacks...A DT main job is to stop the run and cause pressure up the middle (so the QB cant step up in the pocket).... Great DTs will allow their LB's to fly around and the DE's to produce sacks"

Our DT's did that.

This is only 1 game but its exciting to have 2 young talented DT's to go along with the young talent on our Defense....Our young DT's will only get better.

Sidenote: Mike Peterson and Curtis Lofton was balling out their and has gotten allot of praise but Stephen Nicholas had a great game also.... The guy made big hits on special teams and also as a starting Linebacker........ The guy was all over the field also...... I am very excited about Stephen Nicholas potential...... The guy is fast and aggressive.

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You forgot to mention Koy Bierman. He forced the first fumble and had a couple of sacks. He also hustled down the field a made a tackle on kickoff return on the 13. In 2-3 years he's going to be a solid DE.

Everybody has talked about Kroy......... I wanted to bring up our less talked about players.

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