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Way too early to tell. I think they are obviously faster and more intense than last years unit but we got to see them up against better offenses to know how good they can really be. Miami isn't necessarily a road grader. A little better test next week but the real test comes against NE in week 3. This defense has a chance to be really good. Still might take some time to get there. The d-line is really good though. Miami has a pretty good o-line and we killed them. Both Abe and Beirman beat Jake Long for sacks.

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I somewhat agree with Bucman,

The dolphins do not have a good offense. I don't care what there record was last season.

Secondly we had some wonderful breaks on turnovers.

But are defense looked good, real good.

I leaving the vote as to be determined, but I would be telling a lie if i said today's performance by the defense wasn't exciting as ****.

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I put in for eally just that good. But moreover I don't think they are as good as they will become over the weeks ahead. Ya gotta give creadit to the coaches & the players today.

This is going to be an ever developing & gelling D. Young players getting better each game. Players learning more how to play together as a TEAM.

The coaches will be Earning their money in the first half of the season. They got enough film during the preseason to Know these guys, what they Can do, & what they can't do well. They are going to put them in the positions they do well in, & insolate them from their weaker areas. All while during practices, working to bring their skill sets up.

Neat thing for me (& I've been saying it a while now), opposing teams won't get any good film on our D. Each of these early games are going to look so different, the previous film will look meaningless come game time. You had Trey Lewis inactive this game. You would have thought he was going to be in for our big run stopper. B Doub starting, & T Hill on the inactive list, hummm who will be in next week in the secondary? B) Boy I'm liking this.

On the message board we can gripe & complain about a lot of things. Its our Right as fans... isn't it? :) But ya gotta give these coaches some credit; looks like they they know a thing or two about football, & their players. This is getting fun. :D

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Still up in the air and we wont get a real test until New England.

Miami really didnt hit the vertical passing game much yesterday. Now you can say thats because we had pressure on Pennington all day but Ryan was pressured too and was able to go downfield. It is coming and how the DB's respond will tell us alot.

Williams starting for Grimes was big and when Hill gets in there we could really move up the charts

All in all a pleasant surprise so far and if the players continue to grow and "gel" as a unit, this defense will be even better in the later weeks of the season.

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I think its a mixture of both the dolphins sucking extra hard this Sunday, and the falcons over achieving. JMO?

I think that's more what you hope to be true.

Our d-line was spectacular. Abe was Abe. The BEERMAN made a case for some serious playing time. Our linebackers displayed some really impessive speed and made some impressive hits. We haven't seen our defense play with this level of intensity in a very, very long time. The speed showed on Sunday. The aggressiveness was unrelenting. The front seven did exactly what we've all been screaming for for years. If they continue to play with this level of speed, discipline, and intensity, we will be in Miami at the end of the season.

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I think that our Run Defense is really that Good, they had been playing great in the preseason and it appears it is going to carry over to the Regular Season. Miami is a great running team with a pretty solid O-line and we held them to 96 yards even with the Wildcat. The biggest question mark is going to be our ability to consistently put pressure on the QB with our Front 4, we did that well in the game against Miami, and i think with a solid rotation of Dline we can do that throughout the year. Getting pressure with the front 4 will allow more players to drop back in coverage.

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