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It's not the results that we should be so excited about....


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If Atlanta plays with that kind of rally to the ball mentality then we should be fine. Peterson, Babineaux and Biermann all had nice days but it was the scheme that Van Gorder and Smith put together that I think was the real star of the game.

Give me a good sound scheme and guys that want to be a part of it over individual talent every single day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Today seemed to be an indication that the Falcons primarily young defenders have had their ears and eyes open. If we are molding ourselves after New England in a way then I would say that today the defense did a fine impersonation of the Super Bowl winning defenses in that it's eleven guys on the field at once all supporting each other.

No the Dolphin defense isn't the most explosive that we shall face this year but it may by the most sound and they couldn't hold up to our physicality and our mentality. As the year goes on if all goes to plan then the defense should grow more together and get better. Good start for sure.

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