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So how good was our defense today?


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Seriously, were they really that good? Let's see. We held that "gimmicky offense" to less points then any other team held them to ALL of last season. Easy schedule for them last year, yes. BUT... They played Baltimore twice last season, and both times they scored more than what we held them to. They played the Pats twice, and both times scored way more than 7. Yes, our defense was THAT good.

Miami led the entire LEAGUE in turnover ratio at +17!!!! In this game alone we set them back to -4!!! A team that averaged 118.6 yards rushing was held to under 100 yards rushing. A passing game that threw for 235 yards a game a year ago got SHUTDOWN for 176 yards on 31 passes! That same passing game had a 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio (yes, 20 TD's to only 7 INT's), and they got popped!

Where are the excuses trolls?!?! They had NOBODY on the injury report, they UPGRADED their offense over the offseason. Please, somebody try to discredit what we just saw! I thought our defense would be better than what they showed in the preseason, but I'll be the first to admit I had no idea they'd look this good!

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Can't come up with anything. It really surprised me too, they contained the wildcat really good except for maybe that throwback play. I think we also had 3 sacks.


4 sacks! Abraham and Biermann had 2 each! 4 sacks went along with 4 turnovers (an INT and 3 forced fumbles)!

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