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How do you know the cornerbacks played well?


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kudos to the Falcons secondary.........Brian Williams - great job. Chris Houston - great job. Brent Grimes - great job. Erik Coleman - great job. Thomas DeCoud - great job.

I was not at the game so its harder to watch the secondary on TV - but the Dolphins had ZERO big plays in the passing game. I realize Pennington is not the best thrower of the ball but he had an awful game and some of the credit has to go to the much maligned secondary - great job guys!

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its coming into the clear for everybody that Delhomme is a GM (game manager) and not a QB. when he tries to be a QB thats when he throws the 4 Ints instead of just focusing on SS89 like Warner focuses on Fitz. all we gotta do is play the same way we did defensively and offensively impose our will on them and it will be a quick game. they cant stop the run with out Beason 100% and we got him out the way early. if we can take a early 1-0 lead on the division then that is very beneficial

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I said the same thing earlier today to a friend. The CB's got lucky on one play though. If the refs realize that Camarillo caught that ball and don't blow it dead then he goes into the endzone because he wasn't touched down by Houston who wanted to play ref instead of finishing the play.

He has to let the refs do their job and he has to do his by finishing the play.

That's the only lapse I saw today except for when Coleman let Williams go free into the flat.

Little kinks that have to be worked out are to be expected though. Overall it was a well played game on the defensive side.

I was surprised to see Williams start today but obviously he can get the job done.

As for Delhomme I hope to see some hesitancy out of him next week with back to back terrible games.

Delhomme was a good QB at one time but the arm issues that he got against us have hopefully crippled him mentally and we can hopefully put one more nail in his QB coffin in seven days.

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Linebacker and DL were only positions i noticed today besides williams run..

didnt realize Lofton got 10 tackles with Peterson being everywhere

Coleman messed up big time on that flat...

he fell for the fake t hen completely ran away from the empty area to leave the HB wide open for an easy touchdown

other than that the D was awsome :D

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