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Wow we hit on Kroy Biermann!


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Amen, bro. Another incredible pick by TD. (And JA98 had a good game. We gotta give him credit. Not an incredible game, but a good one. He was in the QB's face at least once, and he tipped a pass. That is solid).


i agree that JA98 is getting a bad rap, he played very well...Overall in general our DLine was awesome.. How bout Babs smackdown hit on Polite?

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I swear sometimes I think I'm seeing the reincarnation (I know he isn't dead....you know what I mean) of Patrick Kerney.

Same intensity, same incredible push towards the QB......

5th rounder?

All hail Thomas Dimitroff........

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I am going to defend JA98 a bit here.

If he can keep leaning on OT's and wearing them down for Kroy, he has a place on this team.

His big butt has to tire them out a bit. Even if he personally can't capitalize on their exhaustion.

He had a batted ball too that easily could have been a pick if not for a heads up play by the Dolphins' receiver.

Is he worth a first rounder? No way.

Is there a place for him in the rotation if the price is right and he doesn't get beeotchy about his role?


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2008 NFL Draft Masterpiece by Thomas Dimitroff:

1st(#3) - Matt Ryan-QB, Boston College - HUGE HIT!!!

1st(#21) - Sam Baker-LT, USC - HIT!!!

2nd(#34) - Curtis Lofton, MLB, Oklahoma - HIT!!!!

3rd - Chevis Jackson-CB, LSU - looks like at least a PUSH - maybe a HIT

3rd - Harry Douglas-WR, Louisville - HIT!

3rd - Thomas Decoud-FS, California - at least a PUSH - maybe a HIT

5th - Robert James-LB, Arizona State - MISS!!!!

5th - Kroy Bierrman-DE, Montana-HIT

6th - Thomas Brown-RB, Georgia-slight MISS!

7th - Keith Zinger-TE, LSU - jury out.....

7th - some cornerback from Arizona - miss!

I don't know about you guys but that is a dang impressive draft in my book!!!! Thomas Dimitroff = NFL GM god....

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