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I was a caller on DaveFM at 5PM - brought up Kroy Bierrman


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I said Kroy Bierrman looked fantastic all game long. He had consistent pressure on Chad Pennington, caused a fumble on a near sack, had a sack and a great special teams tackle. Play in and Play out Bierrman dominated Veron Carey who is supposed to be a decent right tackle. I told Van Note/Diminio that Kroy is shaping up and looking like a young Patrick Kerney.

Van Note's response:

He basically agreed and said that Kroy is really good at getting pressure and was a great pick by Thomas Dimitroff. Both Dimino and Noter said that it is great when a team can draft a guy late like TD did and get really good production........

Anyway, did any of you guys hear me on the air?

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On the fumble, Biermann gets credit for a sack as well. Thats how that works.

2 sacks for KB71 with a FF

Some great ST tackles as well

yes, and that was against Veron Carey who is a respected tackle in the NFL - Bierrman was not dominating a scrub.......another gem brought to you by Thomas Dimitroff :D

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