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It's all about the rotation. If Biermann was playing run downs, he wouldn't be nearly as effective. Chauncey and JA98 together are great against the run while a combo of Abe, Biermann, and Sidbury are very good pass rushers.

We are playing to their strengths AND keeping them fresh. That is what we need. I made a thread about this rotation before the season and I got shot down.

This D-Line is going to be very good all around...... NOTHING needs to change. Abe may start the first play of the game so he can get the "start", but that doesn't really matter. He doesn't play hardly 1st downs the rest of the game.

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I completely agree hakim, just was thinking he should be second on the depth chart. love the fact that we have chauncey and JA98 for running downs and three beasts for passing downs. Dont understand the thought of us needing to draft more DE's high in the draft like greg hardy. DT's need a little more depth but our ends seem really good and relatively young except for abraham.

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