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Brooking never made a hit like that his entire career.

Tootie Quivers

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Concerning the claim Brooking has never had a game like Peterson had against the Dolphins. If Brooking ever had a game with 2 forced turn-overs, either by means of two FFs, two INTs, or 1 each then it puts an end to this entire thread. Based off NFL.com's statistics, he's never had two interceptions in a game. The NFL player profile page doesn't list FFs under player profiles for whatever reason. Honestly though, I have almost no doubt that Brooking has had a few two forced turnover games, but they aren't very common for any 4-3 LB by any means. Peterson did have a very memorable game though, and he had the best OLB play I have seen since Boley was flying around in 2007, if not better.

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FalconsAce wrote: "If Brooking ever had a game with 2 forced turn-overs, either by means of two FFs, two INTs, or 1 each then it puts an end to this entire thread. Based off NFL.com's statistics, he's never had two interceptions in a game."

Well now we can go to the Carolina game in 2004 for another game equal or better that Peterson's yesterday (see Wikipedia article below):

"In 2004 ,recorded a team-high 10 tackles along with one forced fumble at Carolina in a defensive effort that limited the Panthers to 10 points, registered 10 tackles and one interception vs. San Diego Chargers , helped limit LaDainian Tomlinson to 64 yards on 23 carries worth a 2.8 avg , recorded 9 tackles and his first sack since the 2001 season vs. Tampa Bay , he registered two forced fumbles, one sack and a season-high with 12 tackles against Carolina. This season, Falcons reached the NFC championship game but were defeated by Philadelphia Eagles 10-27."

Peterson: 7 tackles, 1 int., 1 FF

Brooking: 12 tackles, 2 FF, 1 sack

I've given you folks two games that KB56 played better that Peterson yesterday. So pleez just STFU

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Actually, THIS is where the biggest issue is for me about Brooking. I've been a fan of this team since the early 70's. I'm not some johnny-come-lately vick hugger who isn't a fan of the team. I'm first and foremost a Falcons fan, and always will be. I've seen Nobis, I've seen Tuggle, and I've seen Brooking. And Brooking can't hold either of those two guys jock strap.

I'm not talking about the last few years he was here. I'm talking about NEVER. We simply disagree that Brooking was anything better than mediocre in his prime. If you think Brooking EVER had a game like Peterson had for us yesterday, then I challenge you to go back and look at game logs and find one where he came up with an INT and 2 forced fumbles in one game. And I'll even make it easier on you and not even bring up the other bone jarring hits that Peterson DELIVERED, that Brooking would have ABSORBED instead.

I'm ecstatic in praising Peterson and quick to put down Highway 56 because I think he was one of the most overrated players the NFL has ever seen. I'm sure he's a super nice guy and he laid it all on the field every time he went out there. Don't doubt that one bit and give him credit for it. But that does NOT mean he was a good player.

Him being the supposed leader of our defense, all the while when he was soft at the point of attack, did not create forced fumbles, did not create INT's, did not create any big hits to get the defense excited, speaks volumes to why we have had a soft defense nearly every year he was here.

To those of us that have watched the game for years, and watch other teams and how their LB's play, we know that Brooking was a fraud made little impact on the game and simply padded his tackle stats by pile jumping, tankling, and absorbing hits downfield. And it REALLY annoys the heck out of me when I see other people actually defending this type of play and standing up for the guy when anyone that wants the TEAM to do well should be condemning it wholeheartedly.

One of the biggest things that was exciting about this offseason is knowing that we had a GM and coach that would no longer put up with that fraud and that he was finally replaced with a LB that would thump people the way LB's are supposed to. You can try to spin this any way you want to, but the bottom line is your hometown hero was replaced by a guy a year older than Brooking, when the "supposed" reason 56 was let go was because we wanted to get younger. NO, we wanted to get BETTER. And we did.

And yes, I feel the need to say this because I know crabapplejoe will pull the race card, but again, I'm white. This has nothing to do with race, it has to do with color. Red, white, and black colors, which I support no matter what color the player is.

I'm going to cheer with a special place in my heart all year long when Peterson makes a big play because I know we have finally reached a point that we wont tolerate soft play that rarely made any real impact on the game.

Your loooong post is full of holes that I'm not about to take the time to point out cause is just aint worth it.

Well, I will point out two: Petey only had 1 forced fumble yesterday. Our GM actually tried to keep Brooking on the team. Our GM and Coach chose Keith to be the leader and have the mike in his helmet for a reason. If you disagree with that, then you are disagreeing with the GM and Coach that you just praised so highly. Oops, that made three :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Never said I supported Brian Williams or what he did, I find it absolutely laughable that you would even dare incite Eric Blair's works and views when your posts are laced with such intellectual dribble and hypocrisy.

Nice try though. Your arms must be hurting from all that reaching your trying to do. :lol:

I like that last one. Mind if I use it sometime?

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